About MNF

The Multicultural Local Radio and Television Association in Gothenburg is an initiative with the aim of creating a multicultural information and media channel in Gothenburg.
The Multicultural Local Radio & Television Association in Gothenburg, entitled "The Multicultural Information Channel in Gothenburg", focuses on current societal issues in collaboration with authorities, administrations, organizations, district committees.

Through this, the Multicultural Local Radio & Television Association wants to be the link between Swedish society and the groups of foreign-born who are currently outside Swedish society, the education system and the Swedish labor market.

The cultural, linguistic and experiential diversity that the Multicultural Local Radio & Television Association possesses, results in current public debate and social information reaching the largest minority groups in Swedish and their respective languages (Arabic, Persian, Bosnian, Kurdish, Turkish, Somali).

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Do not hesitate to contact us for any suggestion or idea. As a big family in MNF , audience is the important part.





Razagh Hassani Chairman
Nahid Zandjanchi Paymaster
Reza Rahimi Vice Chairman
Behrouz Assadi Board member
Karim N.Savalan Board member
Said Oveissi Inspector

Org.nummer : 802415-1204
Plus Giro: 291658-3